Web Design: What Should Be In Your Toolbox?

Something web designers seem to complain about on a regular basis is that no matter how hard they work, they just don’t seem to get everything done. Why is this? Well, we’ve deducted that it could be due to failing to take advantage of new technologies out there. We need to learn to adapt faster if we’re going to become more efficient, and these new technologies will help us to do just that. Here are some things we believe should be in your toolbox, to help you make the most of your working day and get the best out of it:

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One of the worst ways to end up losing time on a project is to waste time thinking of apps and ideas that you realise aren’t going to work further down the line. In order to prevent this, you should have a good idea of the route you’re taking before you start. This means you’ll need a prototype. Balsamiq allows you to do just that, with drag and drop elements so you can quickly see a digital sketch. Successful web design companies on the Gold Coast use this kind of software.


Napkee comes hand in hand with Balsamiq, allowing you to import your mockups in one easy step. Changes made to the mockup will instantly be translated over to the Napkee file. That means no coding!


Moqups is another great wireframe tool. It’s just as easy as Balsamiq, and although it does lack some of the functionality, the fact that it’s so easy to use and takes minutes to complete a project makes up for it.


When it’s time to do your coding, the best experience is a streamlined experience. That means you need to try to find a text editor that suits your own unique style of coding. Espresso is a great option for the Mac user. You get CSS tools, ability to override live code on a site, and an x-ray function which visualises and inspects your layout making it a great choice of editor if you need to get a project right the first time.


Similar to Espresso, Coda is quite straightforward. It has a built in snippets tool and syntax highlighting modes which means building up a library of code you’ve written and being able to reuse it on future projects. You can quickly get yourself a toolkit full of code with Coda!

iA Writer

Not only do web designers need to know all of the technical bits and bobs, they need to have a handle on writing too. This is better option than troublesome word processing software. The interface is very simple too, so there’s no way you can get distracted.


Last but not least, it’s important to handle the money side of things efficiently. Xero is great accounting software that can help small businesses keep an eye on the financial aspects of their business. You don’t need to spend ages learning how to use it, and they also offer free resources, like the invoicing guide.

These tools will all help to make your day much more efficient – try them and see just how much more you get done!