Top Three 2014 Online Marketing Trends To Use In Combination With SEO In Melbourne

SEO in Melbourne is important for any company that wants to reach a local audience. Even so, SEO is not the only form of online advertising or even the most important form of online advertising. Following are some top internet marketing trends that companies from all walks of life will want to pay attention to this year. These marketing trends work hand in hand with SEO in Melbourne to help a company get more traffic and thus more customers.

1. Targeting Smartphone Users

More and more people are using a smartphone to find information and/or shop online. Any business that wants to reach this large audience will need to set up a website that can be viewed on various smart phone devices. Thankfully, companies that handle SEO in Melbourne also handle website creation and can help a company not only set up a smart phone-compatible website but also create targeted advertising for smartphone users.

2. Social Media Advertising

Companies that use paid advertising are finding that paid Facebook advertising generates many more clicks than Google Ads. If you are looking for an advertising avenue that has proven itself to be effective, then consider investing a significant portion of your advertising budget into targeting Facebook users who fall under your target demographic.

At the same time, “free” social media advertising is also in vogue for this year. Video advertising is ideal in many ways, as YouTube is free to use and effective in getting traffic with a reasonably high conversion rate. Many companies are also taking an interest in Pinterest, the photo sharing website that is particularly popular with women. Both of these sites, however, must be used in combination with SEO in Melbourne, as photos and videos must be optimised for important keywords in order to be fully effective.

3. Content Marketing

While many view content marketing as a traditional SEO in Melbourne tactic, it is still just as effective as ever. A site must have original, top quality content in order to earn not just a high search engine ranking but also the respect of customers and business partners.

At the same time, this SEO in Melbourne tactic cannot be implemented in the same manner as it was in times past. Spamming article websites with dozens of articles is a thing of the past, as is guest blogging and overt keyword usage. Companies that are concerned about SEO in Melbourne will need to ensure that all online content is useful, written for real people (as opposed to search engines) and does not overdo on keyword usage. Such content should contain a clear call to action and have sharing buttons so that users can easily pass it on to others.

While there are some who would declare that SEO in Melbourne is dead, this is not actually the case. However, it is important to note that Google is changing its rules, which means that SEO on its own is not enough. A company that wants to reach more people and gain more customers will need to use SEO in Melbourne in combination with other forms of online advertising in order to be successful this year.