Know What’s Stopping Your Content from Reaching out to All and Abound

It’s a great feeling to own a domain name on the Internet. It’s even better to have hosting services, and a Content Management System that lays out a great platform to start a website that looks just like you want it to. And you must be living your dream if on top of everything; you have some amazing writers to write posts for it. Same goes for the content on your social media pages.


When everything is so darn perfect, why does your content not reach the avenues you have targeted? The reasons may be the result of certain inefficiencies on your side, you just haven’t realized.

Your Content Fail to Create an Interpersonal Connection


On the Internet, or on paper magazines, if the content you publish isn’t making that connection with the reader he or she is looking for; you are most likely not helping your cause to intrigue them to your website. No matter what topic you are writing on, if you create some snippets that make user feel a part of that write-up they are most likely going to share it within their circle, and send some good quality traffic to your site. You may only be writing something as mundane as 5 tips to wearing a tie, but don’t straightway start with the tips. Weave a nice story at the beginning, in the first paragraph, saying something like how lack of knowledge on how to wear a tie has lead to some embarrassing situations, or anything of that sort which your readers can identify with.

Not Posting by the Clock

Have you been keeping an eye on the trends? Have you realized the difference between the audience’s responses to posts published at different times on the clock? Experts say that there are certain dormant periods on social media in a day when it is best to stay dormant and not post anything. Posting some early morning for example would hardly be useful when most of the folks you are targeting are either sleeping, taking bath, or driving to work.


There is a better chance of greater visibility when the time you post stuff is around 11 am, or at the noon time. And when it comes to particular days, do not contemplate too much while posting stuff on weekends, as that is hardly going to grab a lot of attention for you.

Clumsy Design

Coming back to websites, you have an exceptional CMS, and as we said, good content. But have you done some groundwork yourself to ensure the website’s overall design looks good enough? The CMS you have chosen has probably given you a truckload of design options, but utilizing them to their full potential entirely depends on you. Make use of the various widgets and plugins to add to the design elements on the website, and use colors cleverly to give your website its own identity.

The content on your site is pushed further by taking care of other aspects. Let them be in your radar.

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