Know What’s Stopping Your Content from Reaching out to All and Abound

It’s a great feeling to own a domain name on the Internet. It’s even better to have hosting services, and a Content Management System that lays out a great platform to start a website that looks just like you want it to. And you must be living your dream if on top of everything; you have some amazing writers to write posts for it. Same goes for the content on your social media pages.


When everything is so darn perfect, why does your content not reach the avenues you have targeted? The reasons may be the result of certain inefficiencies on your side, you just haven’t realized.

Your Content Fail to Create an Interpersonal Connection


On the Internet, or on paper magazines, if the content you publish isn’t making that connection with the reader he or she is looking for; you are most likely not helping your cause to intrigue them to your website. No matter what topic you are writing on, if you create some snippets that make user feel a part of that write-up they are most likely going to share it within their circle, and send some good quality traffic to your site. You may only be writing something as mundane as 5 tips to wearing a tie, but don’t straightway start with the tips. Weave a nice story at the beginning, in the first paragraph, saying something like how lack of knowledge on how to wear a tie has lead to some embarrassing situations, or anything of that sort which your readers can identify with.

Not Posting by the Clock

Have you been keeping an eye on the trends? Have you realized the difference between the audience’s responses to posts published at different times on the clock? Experts say that there are certain dormant periods on social media in a day when it is best to stay dormant and not post anything. Posting some early morning for example would hardly be useful when most of the folks you are targeting are either sleeping, taking bath, or driving to work.


There is a better chance of greater visibility when the time you post stuff is around 11 am, or at the noon time. And when it comes to particular days, do not contemplate too much while posting stuff on weekends, as that is hardly going to grab a lot of attention for you.

Clumsy Design

Coming back to websites, you have an exceptional CMS, and as we said, good content. But have you done some groundwork yourself to ensure the website’s overall design looks good enough? The CMS you have chosen has probably given you a truckload of design options, but utilizing them to their full potential entirely depends on you. Make use of the various widgets and plugins to add to the design elements on the website, and use colors cleverly to give your website its own identity.

The content on your site is pushed further by taking care of other aspects. Let them be in your radar.

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Top Three 2014 Online Marketing Trends To Use In Combination With SEO In Melbourne

SEO in Melbourne is important for any company that wants to reach a local audience. Even so, SEO is not the only form of online advertising or even the most important form of online advertising. Following are some top internet marketing trends that companies from all walks of life will want to pay attention to this year. These marketing trends work hand in hand with SEO in Melbourne to help a company get more traffic and thus more customers.

1. Targeting Smartphone Users

More and more people are using a smartphone to find information and/or shop online. Any business that wants to reach this large audience will need to set up a website that can be viewed on various smart phone devices. Thankfully, companies that handle SEO in Melbourne also handle website creation and can help a company not only set up a smart phone-compatible website but also create targeted advertising for smartphone users.

2. Social Media Advertising

Companies that use paid advertising are finding that paid Facebook advertising generates many more clicks than Google Ads. If you are looking for an advertising avenue that has proven itself to be effective, then consider investing a significant portion of your advertising budget into targeting Facebook users who fall under your target demographic.

At the same time, “free” social media advertising is also in vogue for this year. Video advertising is ideal in many ways, as YouTube is free to use and effective in getting traffic with a reasonably high conversion rate. Many companies are also taking an interest in Pinterest, the photo sharing website that is particularly popular with women. Both of these sites, however, must be used in combination with SEO in Melbourne, as photos and videos must be optimised for important keywords in order to be fully effective.

3. Content Marketing

While many view content marketing as a traditional SEO in Melbourne tactic, it is still just as effective as ever. A site must have original, top quality content in order to earn not just a high search engine ranking but also the respect of customers and business partners.

At the same time, this SEO in Melbourne tactic cannot be implemented in the same manner as it was in times past. Spamming article websites with dozens of articles is a thing of the past, as is guest blogging and overt keyword usage. Companies that are concerned about SEO in Melbourne will need to ensure that all online content is useful, written for real people (as opposed to search engines) and does not overdo on keyword usage. Such content should contain a clear call to action and have sharing buttons so that users can easily pass it on to others.

While there are some who would declare that SEO in Melbourne is dead, this is not actually the case. However, it is important to note that Google is changing its rules, which means that SEO on its own is not enough. A company that wants to reach more people and gain more customers will need to use SEO in Melbourne in combination with other forms of online advertising in order to be successful this year.

10 SEO Trends you Should Look out for in 2014

Search engine optimisation is a constantly evolving element to the success of all websites, and so it’s vital that personal and business users spend time ensuring their online presence is tailored accordingly. Major search engines like Google release new updates to combat spamming all the time, which means you’ll need to keep up with all the most recent changes to guarantee you achieve the best possible ranking.

Considering this, the post you are reading today will focus on the top 10 SEO trends of 2014. Hopefully, the information you’re about to read will stand you in good stead for the next twelve months.

1 – Infographics 

Using images to help explain an idea in simple terms has been becoming more popular for a while now, and this looks set to continue throughout 2014.

2 – Guest Blogging

Creating popularity through interesting articles posted on websites that link back to your own is one of the best ways to aid SEO efforts. While this may have a shelf life, no major changes are on the horizon at the moment.

3 – Social Presence 

It’s certainly true that SEO alone can have a major impact on rankings, but over the next twelve months we will see more emphasis placed on social presence, as this is a particularly fruitful means of driving traffic to websites.

4 – Content Marketing

This usually goes hand in hand with guest blogging, and is basically where you create quality content with some relevance to the operations of the site you’re linking to. So, if you own a construction company, you might commission articles on “how to build a brick wall”. Within these articles, you can find ways to naturally link to your site.

5 – Mobile

More and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet these days, and so we expect to see more importance placed on making sites mobile-friendly in 2014.

6 – Localising Content

Most major search engines have been concentrating their efforts on localising results for the last few years, and experts are predicting this will reach a new level in 2014, which could spell the end of national results.

7 – Expert SEO Roles Will Evolve

There will be a more significant marriage between SEO and public relations in the next few months. Major companies like House of Search that deal with SEO in Belfast, London or any other UK city are likely to add to, and alter their services to incorporate any revelations that may come to light.

8 – Link Building

While some people within the industry have been concerned about the future of link building for the last couple of years, many are now confident it will continue to play a major role for SEO in the foreseeable future.

9 – Quality

In the past, it was possible to post badly written articles on low ranking blogs to promote your website. However, this is changing rapidly, and now only quality content that passes plagiarism checkers will do. This means more cash will be invested in writers and authors this year.

10 – Longtail Keywords

Anyone who read all the information concerning Google’s hummingbird update should already realise that long-tail keywords are becoming more important. As they’re longer, they contain more words, and so are less competitive.

Now you’ve heard about the top 10 SEO trends of 2014, the rest is down to your own discretion. Dealing with search engine optimisation without the help of professionals can be a real pain, but if you’re short on funds and you’ve got time to spare, the information you’ve just read should help you to achieve better results.

See you next time!

Web Design Trends: What The H*ll Is Flat Design?

Flat design is a term being thrown around by web designers everywhere at the moment. Not only do Google seem to have a more ‘flat’ logo, Apple’s iPhone interface seems to have gone all ‘flat’ on us too. But what the h*ll is flat, exactly? And why is everyone going so crazy over it? Read on to learn more about the flat design trend:


Image Credit

People who think flat design is the way forward don’t believe in all of the fancy, extra details you get with some programs and interfaces. Instead, these people believe that graphical user interfaces should forget about style for the moment, and go for functionality. This means getting rid of your fancy beveled edges, forgetting all about gradients, shadows, and reflections, and creating a great user experience that can play to the strength of most digital interfaces.

In web design, flat pages rarely use multi dimensions, shadows, or textures. Instead, designs offering only visual clarity are created.

Great Examples of Flat Design

  • Google Now – this uses a card like system to display it’s information. The information is easy to read and swipe away.
  • Windows 8 – this values the delivery of information with typography over fancy design and graphics.

Against Skeuomorphism

Do you know what skeuomorphism is? It’s an awfully long word, that’s what! It’s also the act of making something look like it’s not, in laymen’s terms. For example, skeuomorphism can be used in web design to make something look like it’s from the physical world; wood textures, leather stitching bordering pages, that kind of thing. Well, flat design is against this completely. Don’t get us wrong, skeuomorphism helped us humans when the internet, computers, and other things were alien to us. The design helped us learn and become familiar with unfamiliar things!

We aren’t saying flat design will last forever, either. Of course web design will move on like it always has, and other design trends will take flat design’s place.

What to Do to Create Your Own Flat Design

To create your own flat design, you’ll need to take a minimalistic approach to designing, that emphasises usability. You’ll have lots of clean, crisp, open space, bright colours, and only two dimensional or flat illustrations. If this sounds too much for you, try out Ahoy, who specialise in web design, Manchester.

Don’t worry though – just because flat design lacks flashy features, it doesn’t have to be boring. Use bright, contrasting colours to make buttons pop out of backgrounds and grab attention. Centre all of your design elements on the idea of simplicity; use solid colours to replace illustrative detail, keep your text clear and to the point, and make sure your buttons and links remain clear and noticeable.

The way big companies like Google and Microsoft have gone for flat design proves that it’s the way forward…for now. At the moment, simple, clear, concise sites are highly sought after, but that’s not to say that skeuomorphic design or another kind of design won’t take it’s place in the future. Go with the flow of web design trends to create amazing sites for your clients!

Web Design: What Should Be In Your Toolbox?

Something web designers seem to complain about on a regular basis is that no matter how hard they work, they just don’t seem to get everything done. Why is this? Well, we’ve deducted that it could be due to failing to take advantage of new technologies out there. We need to learn to adapt faster if we’re going to become more efficient, and these new technologies will help us to do just that. Here are some things we believe should be in your toolbox, to help you make the most of your working day and get the best out of it:

Image Credit


One of the worst ways to end up losing time on a project is to waste time thinking of apps and ideas that you realise aren’t going to work further down the line. In order to prevent this, you should have a good idea of the route you’re taking before you start. This means you’ll need a prototype. Balsamiq allows you to do just that, with drag and drop elements so you can quickly see a digital sketch. Successful web design companies on the Gold Coast use this kind of software.


Napkee comes hand in hand with Balsamiq, allowing you to import your mockups in one easy step. Changes made to the mockup will instantly be translated over to the Napkee file. That means no coding!


Moqups is another great wireframe tool. It’s just as easy as Balsamiq, and although it does lack some of the functionality, the fact that it’s so easy to use and takes minutes to complete a project makes up for it.


When it’s time to do your coding, the best experience is a streamlined experience. That means you need to try to find a text editor that suits your own unique style of coding. Espresso is a great option for the Mac user. You get CSS tools, ability to override live code on a site, and an x-ray function which visualises and inspects your layout making it a great choice of editor if you need to get a project right the first time.


Similar to Espresso, Coda is quite straightforward. It has a built in snippets tool and syntax highlighting modes which means building up a library of code you’ve written and being able to reuse it on future projects. You can quickly get yourself a toolkit full of code with Coda!

iA Writer

Not only do web designers need to know all of the technical bits and bobs, they need to have a handle on writing too. This is better option than troublesome word processing software. The interface is very simple too, so there’s no way you can get distracted.


Last but not least, it’s important to handle the money side of things efficiently. Xero is great accounting software that can help small businesses keep an eye on the financial aspects of their business. You don’t need to spend ages learning how to use it, and they also offer free resources, like the invoicing guide.

These tools will all help to make your day much more efficient – try them and see just how much more you get done!

Factors involved in migrating your Domain to a New Hosting Service

Shifting to improved hosting architecture systems may be beneficial in all aspects. If your current hosting server is unreliable in frequent downtimes, maybe it is not worth to retain its services. The reigning trend in today’s times is to shift to cloud hosting services. The cloud advantage is essentially the best thing to happen to web host parameters. It is cool and smart. Being on the cloud also entails significant reduction in expenditure, without compromising on security integrity and access convenience. You need to look for a company compatible with your requirements. There are several crucial factors to take into account in this respect.

Check server maintenance aspects

Even the most advanced server technology is prone to downtimes. The super dynamicity of the digital world is the key reason why servers can fail unpredictability. However, the risk is minimum with cloud solutions. Besides, cloud services also offer backup advantages for website data. Contact the hosting service provider in confirming the technical compatibility of their services. See whether they can manage server space optimization effectively, thereby mitigating the essential stress on the process. Check the hardware quality implemented by the host. It must meet the latest standards in the field.

Confirm affordability aspects

One of the key advantages in cloud hosting is the provision of server affordability. You can reduce hosting costs significantly without compromising on the service quality. The scalability of the cloud solutions entails multiple advantages. You do not have to spend for the extra server space. Decide your server allocation requirements in meeting with demand fluctuations. However, you should verify also whether the web host provider offers alternatives other than cloud hosting. Specialized e-commerce hosting protocols such as the Joomla host and Drupal hosts serve crucial purposes. Always inquire the different parameters in a direct communication with the hosting chat support.

Robust customer support systems

It is imperative for a hosting service provider to have a robust support department. The company must be accessible always via phone and chatting mechanisms. Also, you need to verify the social media presence of the hosting provider. The advantages of customer support include:

• Optimum remote administration of server facilities
• Efficient assistance in mitigating downtime issues
• Discussing web hosting package options to choose the best solutions

Host providers such as provide an excellent service in maintaining server requisites. You can access the support department anytime at finding why shifting your hosting infrastructure is more beneficial than your current service.

Check website development templates

If you are very new to the web, you first have to develop a website. Choosing a specialist web design services is imperative. However, you can manage costs significantly when the design service also attends to hosting requirements. Consult the customer support in checking this essential aspect. Although you may expect somewhat less design creativity than choosing a specialist service, yet shifting to a comprehensive service is good for new webmasters. The easiest way to develop a website is to input your unique data into the established templates. Check the web template alternatives with the service provider.

Finally, you must verify other aspects such as the search visibility benefits and online security. Visibility requisites demand web services to employ SEO tactics. Essentially, you need to shift to a web host covering the diverse requirements of running a website. You should remember that these are different specializations. SEO needs dedicated work, and so does web development. Discuss the issue with customer support in understanding whether the company can effectively comply with the evolved requirements of the internet. You may want to run a content management system such as WordPress. Check if the provider has specialized services for the purpose.

Author Bio: Jeffrey Matthews runs an e-commerce site selling silver jewelry. He suggests webmasters need to be on the lookout for improved advantages on web design NYC. Jeffrey recommends the comprehensive service facilities of as a good example of an ideal web hosting arrangement.

The Awesome Web Design Trends to Watch Out for 2014

By simply spending a few hours online looking at different websites, you can definitely pick up a few design trends. Your website’s appearance can greatly affect your success, as the slightest thing users do not like can stop them from continuing through and becoming a conversion. In this post we’re going to take a look at some awesome web design trends you should watch out this year, some have already taken off, while others are literally just beginning to blossom:

Grid Style Layouts

When wanting to incorporate a grid style layout you need to remember that user experience should always come first. This means that the grid style layout needs to have a purpose – you can’t just incorporate it into any website. Twitter and sometimes Facebook use grid style layouts!

Clever Image Captions

A lot of websites use image galleries in order to showcase portfolio items, photos, thumbnails, and more. Using a text caption allows the visitor to connect more information to the image they are looking at. With CSS3 you can rely on natural browser resources without any JavaScript effects.

Focused Landing Pages

Lets think about the majority of apps available today: almost all of them have their very own site to go with them. It isn’t uncommon for software developers to buy a domain name and launch a website as a marketing tool. This idea has expanded to include mobile games, open source scripts, smartphone apps, and almost any digital product you can think of.

3D Transition Effects

Over the last year you may have noticed the use of 3D animations more and more. These are often built into the page for animated image galleries, navigation menus, and elements. You can create 3D effects using jQuery although CSS3 is catching up now. The animations are unfortunately not supported in all browsers, so designers should be careful of using too many on one page.

Flat Design

If you haven’t heard of flat design yet, you must be living in a dream world. By using natural box shadows, text shadows, and rounded corners you can easily create a great looking flat design that has become so popular in recent months after being embraced by Apple and Microsoft. This company who specialise in web design in Perth can help you to create a wonderful flat design!

Personal Portraits

Forming a human connection is the best place to keep people interested in you and your work. You want to get a bit across about yourself, where you’ve been, and show off some samples of your work, while forming a great connection with the visitor at the same time. One of the best ways to do this is to include a personal portrait somewhere on your page. A few sites have started doing this and we sense a trend forming!

Unique Copy

Unique web copy created using the help of customisable fonts can help your site to stand out from the crowd. Fonts can literally enhance a user’s experience or stop them from continuing through a site, so it’s important you get this part right.

Follow these predicted trends to make sure your site is ready for the coming year!