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20 Christmas Tree Decoration Examples and Ideas From All around the Web

Christmas is near and you probably want to know how to decorate your Christmas tree and what designs and tips you can learn from everybody else.

Decorating Christmas tree is not easy for everyone, sometimes a simple decorations are not what you want your family and friend to see. You want something special and you want your Christmas tree to look like from a Hollywood movies.

I will share with you in this post a couple of best sources where you can learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like a professional.

What is important for decorations, well while I was researching the topic I noticed that people like big Christina trees, with classic lights like red, yellow and white.

Also, the patterns of decorations and the space between them is very important, presents beneath the tree need to be nicely arranged. Some other things are important, like music and the surrounding lights, but let see how other people decorate their Christmas trees.


Best Examples and Ideas on How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Professional.

Christmas tree decoration ideas from instagram :)

wow, this Christmas tree is brighter than a sun :)

This one is still in progress but it looks good already, Christmas spirit at a work place :)

And now some more Christmas Tree decoration ideas from flickr.

another one from flickr:

and one more:

This Beautiful Christmas tree is the work of Virginia from LiveLoveDIY, she did a great job :)


These images are downloaded from thechristmasdecorators, the post is not sponsored or anything, I just wanted to share their great work with Christmas spirit. If you don’t have time for decorations or need advice, they can help you for sure, just look at those amazing trees :).


Contemporary Living Room design, but I’m interested in this Christmas tree from houzz.




Let’s continue, here are more beautiful examples and ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree, this beautiful tree comes from experienced team at pinesandneedles.com.


I hope you liked the examples and pictures, if you have another beautiful examples and pictures, please share with us in comments.



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