10 SEO Trends you Should Look out for in 2014

Search engine optimisation is a constantly evolving element to the success of all websites, and so it’s vital that personal and business users spend time ensuring their online presence is tailored accordingly. Major search engines like Google release new updates to combat spamming all the time, which means you’ll need to keep up with all the most recent changes to guarantee you achieve the best possible ranking.

Considering this, the post you are reading today will focus on the top 10 SEO trends of 2014. Hopefully, the information you’re about to read will stand you in good stead for the next twelve months.

1 – Infographics 

Using images to help explain an idea in simple terms has been becoming more popular for a while now, and this looks set to continue throughout 2014.

2 – Guest Blogging

Creating popularity through interesting articles posted on websites that link back to your own is one of the best ways to aid SEO efforts. While this may have a shelf life, no major changes are on the horizon at the moment.

3 – Social Presence 

It’s certainly true that SEO alone can have a major impact on rankings, but over the next twelve months we will see more emphasis placed on social presence, as this is a particularly fruitful means of driving traffic to websites.

4 – Content Marketing

This usually goes hand in hand with guest blogging, and is basically where you create quality content with some relevance to the operations of the site you’re linking to. So, if you own a construction company, you might commission articles on “how to build a brick wall”. Within these articles, you can find ways to naturally link to your site.

5 – Mobile

More and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet these days, and so we expect to see more importance placed on making sites mobile-friendly in 2014.

6 – Localising Content

Most major search engines have been concentrating their efforts on localising results for the last few years, and experts are predicting this will reach a new level in 2014, which could spell the end of national results.

7 – Expert SEO Roles Will Evolve

There will be a more significant marriage between SEO and public relations in the next few months. Major companies like House of Search that deal with SEO in Belfast, London or any other UK city are likely to add to, and alter their services to incorporate any revelations that may come to light.

8 – Link Building

While some people within the industry have been concerned about the future of link building for the last couple of years, many are now confident it will continue to play a major role for SEO in the foreseeable future.

9 – Quality

In the past, it was possible to post badly written articles on low ranking blogs to promote your website. However, this is changing rapidly, and now only quality content that passes plagiarism checkers will do. This means more cash will be invested in writers and authors this year.

10 – Longtail Keywords

Anyone who read all the information concerning Google’s hummingbird update should already realise that long-tail keywords are becoming more important. As they’re longer, they contain more words, and so are less competitive.

Now you’ve heard about the top 10 SEO trends of 2014, the rest is down to your own discretion. Dealing with search engine optimisation without the help of professionals can be a real pain, but if you’re short on funds and you’ve got time to spare, the information you’ve just read should help you to achieve better results.

See you next time!